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Virginia Crawford Pierrepont

For me painting has become an additive and subtractive process. A straightforward landscape can become layered with associative memories, paint is layered on and scraped away as feelings are dismissed or altered. The process of building and taking away is almost sculptural; with layers of color meshed together, their substance sometimes total removed. I am interested in exploring the subconscious levels of emerging memories by actively painting, layering, scraping and erasing perceived images; the unforeseen marks left behind, often blurred and unclear, become metaphors of the struggles to maintain order in life’s revolving chaos. When I examine color values, line and symmetry of objects in nature, I experience an almost meditative balance between what I see and what I feel for that space. I believe elements of nature correspond on some level with human emotions. Through Plein Air painting in nature, I am often challenged by time and changing light, that forces me to make quick decisions on different levels and work rapidly through them. This immediate connection to feelings and thoughts I revisit through daily journal entries often pulling older imagery into emerging ideas. My new works are slowly transitioning beyond the formal realism of my past, expressing a closer connection with personal struggle. The situation becomes memorable when a vision evolves into a personal memory. These collisions in life, however small are worth exploring; maybe even on an enlarged scale.”

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